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CRIMINAL GIRLS: Invite Only (PSVita)

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CRIMINAL GIRLS: Invite Only (PSVita)

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Product Review (submitted on February 10, 2015):

I've heard a lot of people complaining about the "censorship" issues regarding the "Motivation"/"Punishment" function in the game, but it just sounds like a stupid reason to say you won't buy it just because you see less skin. I'm sure nobody wants the whole "Government requires certain degree of 'modesty'" lesson, so I'll just focus on the ACTUAL game contents itself.

Overall, I would say that this is a pretty decent game. The unique gameplay of having the characters decide their own actions really makes you think what would be the best way to overcome each battle. While it does kind of leave things up to chance, it also requires you to try doing a bit of outside thinking in strategy. At the beginning, the fights may be a bit difficult to handle, but eventually the fights will start to get more and more easier to deal with as you increase the number of actions each girl can take. The music, while not all that outstanding in particular, is pretty nice and can get you motivated for at least a while. Also the character/monster designs involved in the game are quite nice to look at. Finally, we have a decent backstory for each character which really gives you a sort of feel to them, and a sort of understanding of how each girl was sent to hell and why.

However, I admit that this game does have cons to it. The main point of the story was originally meant to be about having each of the girls overcome trials and earn their right to come back to life. However, very early on, there appears to be a problem regarding the "Reformation program" that seems to cause the player and his party trouble. And yet, this problem is never really brought up again until near the end of the game. Instead, the plot in-between is mostly focused on just having each of the girls learning to get along and overcome their trials. The music selection seem very limited, and the character development seems to be going a bit too fast in my opinion.

In the end, while I would not really consider this an outstanding buy, I would still say that it is a good buy and would recommend at least trying this game out. The price may seem a bit much than what the contents are worth, but you may find it worth your money depending on how much you get into the game.

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