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CRIMINAL GIRLS: Invite Only (PSVita)

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CRIMINAL GIRLS: Invite Only (PSVita)

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Product Review (submitted on February 12, 2015):

I believe it is good to see games like this come to the west. To me this is a fresh breath, but not all the game made it due to censorship. Now censorship is not bad in my opinion, but it takes away from this games biggest selling point. Most people likely bought this game for the motivation time mini games (punishment time in Japan) and it is still barely fun, but with the voices taken out and using the clouds to cover up parts of the girls. This feels like I am trying to motivate a wall with a pretty picture on it, but someone put paint blobs on the picture and it is hard to see the picture. Now the clouds do go away the more you play the motivation time mini games which bring a nice sense of accomplishment, but some of them stay around no matter how long you play because of censorship. Again censorship is not bad in my opinion, but using it to take away from your biggest selling point does hurt. Now let’s move on to the rest of the game.
The dungeons you walk through feel very dull and basic going from forest level to lava level to ice level. The school level felt interesting from the rest of the levels, but that was the highlight for the environment. Monsters come at you in random encounters ranging from a few footsteps or not fighting any at all in the floor. The monsters themselves looked very nice and did put up a fight for each new time I had encountered them. The actual combat mechanic was very frustrating. Attacks were given to me at random and I had to choose from my options on which would make the monsters closer to being dead and this lead to a few deaths of characters in battle causing me to waste a turn to revive them and hope that the monsters would not completely wipe the floor with me. You can switch between the girls one at a time from your party of four that start in the beginning of the battle, but this messes with your random attacks. Too frequently when I had switched out a girl my attacks would switch for every girl which made no sense.
Criminal Girls is not a hard game, but instead is very easy. You can farm monsters by moving in circles near a save point and you can just heal up after the battle at the save point. This strategy helped a lot with grinding to get ready for boss battles. Also you can safely walk without any monsters attacking you by using another skill which I used to go from floor to floor. If walking back to any save points after a boss fight is too much you can just teleport with another girl’s ability. This is how I made it through Criminal Girls and I have gotten one of the nine endings, but I do not feel like going back to see the rest because I am satisfied with what I got out of my ending.
To wrap it up: censorship hurt the motivation time, environments are dull and basic, combat is a nightmare, and it is easy to grind monsters to prepare for boss battles. One more thing the game is short it only took me two days to beat it.

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