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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

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The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

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Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2015):

It's short for an RPG (20-30 hours) but it's easy to get into. Entirely story focused, visual novel style, and let's you run Rogue-like (random) dungeons for the actual gameplay. It's quite simplistic, but that makes it easy to play. You can upgrade your gear by using the extra unneeded drops you collect. This means you can overcome tough enemies (and the hard boss fights) with only a little work. The battles are surprisingly fast paced though so it isn't boring.

There isn't much variety in the gameplay, and there's only a few skills you can use in combat, so play it for the story. You have both Japanese and English audio. The actors and character themselves weren't outstanding, but by the end you really did have a reason to like each and every one of them.

Quite the opposite of a comedy or dating sim, Fate is very serious and heavy hitting at times. A struggle amidst a war of angels vs. demons plays out as messy as any war would be. Of course it has its silly moments to help you ease up. You'll grow to like your character of choice, then the action picks up and draws to a close at only chapter 15. This means you don't really have time to get bored, which is a plus. There's a bunch of extras post-game that you'll appreciate and a New Game+ where you can power through the story again to see how the different choices play out.

It's got an enjoyable soundtrack (some pieces do stick with you) and appealing artwork scattered here and there. All in all satisfying for something so short, but not enough depth of gameplay.

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