Hanasaku Iroha Vol. 1 Premium Bonus Set

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Premium Bonus Set Includes:
• Premium hardcover slipcase
• 2 Blu-ray, 2 DVD disc set
  - Total of 13 episodes
  - Runtime: 308 mins
  - Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles
• Bonus features: Clean opening/endings, plus Japanese trailers
• A full-color, 36-page hardcover art book (approx. 11" x 7") which provides a deeper viewing experience with detailed character info, rough sketches, artist interviews and setting illustrations.

Exclusive Bonus Item (while supplies last!)
  - Kissuiso Hot Spring Towel

Premium Box Dimensions
Width:  7-13/16in
Height: 10-14/16in

© Hanairo Committee

When Ohana's mother flees with her boyfriend to avoid paying his debts, Ohana is sent off to live with her grandmother, who owns the hot spring inn, Kissuiso. Upon arriving, Ohana is put to work at the inn. Thrust into a life where the customers always come first, she struggles to find her place at the inn and fit in with her fellow coworkers.