YURUYURI Season 2 Premium Bonus Set

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Premium Bonus Set Includes:
• Premium hardcover slipcase
• 2 Blu-ray disc set
  - Total of 12 episodes
  - Runtime: 286 mins
  - Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles (subtitles on Blu-ray discs cannot be turned off)
• Bonus features: Clean opening and ending, B-side episode previews, and Video art book featurettes
• A full-color, approx. 36-page hardcover art book (approx. 11" x 7") complete with episode guide, character art, sketches, and promotional art

Exclusive Bonus Item (while supplies last!)
  - Nanamori Student Council Armband (3"x16")

*This product is for sale and use on playback units only within the United States and Canada. It is not intended to function in any other region.

Premium Box Dimensions
Width:  7-13/16in
Height: 10-14/16in


With the Amusement club no longer in danger of being broken up by the student council, its members, Akari Akaza, Kyoko Toshino, Yui Funami, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa, can finally focus on amusing themselves. More or less allied with the student council, the members of both organizations embark on wacky antics together! Plus, we finally meet the siblings of all these girls as they make the most of their days in middle school!