Hey, dood! It’s your pal Prinny here!


Overlords, dood: they’re just like us! Well, except for the part where they’re more powerful than us, have a higher societal position than us, get to eat all the sardines they want (presumably)... other than that, dood, they’re just like any other denizen of the Netherworld!


Don’t believe me, dood? Then I’ve got good news for you! I was lucky enough to get picked as Lord Laharl’s vassal, dood! It’s truly an honor! …Though, dood, not gonna lie: the position opens up pretty often. I swear, dood, another Prinny pal of mine was just hired; maybe he got promoted? Or demoted? Or maybe just moted? Is that a thing, dood?


Point is, dood, I got to go with Lord Laharl, Master Etna, and Lady Flonne to see just what an Overlord gets up to on a day off! Naturally, as the loyal vassal that I am, I transcribed and photographed the whole thing, dood!


…Even the super tragic parts, dood. But we’ll get to that later!


Allow me to present, for your reading pleasure, dood:

A Day in the Life of an Overlord

Flonne: “Look, you two! A Ferris wheel! I’ve always wanted to try riding one of these!”

Laharl: “Why are you so excited? It just goes in a circle. It sounds boring.”

Flonne: “It takes you up so high, though!”

Etna: “C’mon, Prince. Live a little!”

Laharl: “Fine…but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Naturally, dood, an Overlord always starts their day with some fresh air! And what better place to get some fresh air than hundreds of feet off the ground, dood?

Flonne: “Safety first, everyone! Be sure to put on your seatbelts!”

Prinny: “Dood, I’ll be fine. This wheel is super slow! What’s the worst that could happen?”

Laharl: “...You fly out of your seat and explode, with all of us inside.”

Etna: “Don’t worry, you two. Let me handle this.”

Prinny: “M-Master Etna, hold on, let’s not do anything hasty, dood!”

Etna: “Hyah!”

Prinny: “Owww… Safety hurts, dood.”

Be sure to keep safe when riding in any moving vehicle, or else you might get hurt, dood…

Flonne: “Wooooow, look how high up we are!”

Laharl: “...What do you think you’re doing?”

Etna: “Ugh. I can’t see anything. You, give me a boost!”

Prinny: “M-Master Etna, don’t you have wings, dood?”

Etna: “I’m sorry, what was that? “Throw me from the wheel?””


Prinny: “Glad I brought this scarf with me, dood…”

Laharl: “Hold on a minute! Why am I, an OVERLORD, being reduced to a glorified footstool!? I won’t stand for this!”

Prinny: “Technically, dood, you’re sitting for this…”

Flonne: “Wait, Laharl! You can’t sit there! That’s against the rules!”

Laharl: “I am the rules!”

Etna: “Oh, how terrifying. We’re all in awe of your power, Prince.”

Laharl: “You’d better be.”

Prinny: “I can’t see anything, dood…!”

After the ferris wheel, we all sat down to have ourselves a snack, dood! …Well, some of us did…

Flonne: “These look delicious!”

Laharl: “Hmph. They should have given me more.”

Etna: “They have other customers too, Prince. They can’t just go around giving out extras for free.”

Flonne: “Really? They gave me an extra, though!”

Prinny: “That looks so good, dood…”

Flonne: “Here, Prinny! You can take this one!”

Prinny: “Really!? Thanks, dood!”

Etna: “Hold it right there! Prinnies don’t get sweet treats! It’s against the rules. Now, hand it over!”

“B-But Master Etna, it looks so tasty, dood—”

Prinny: “Ow, dood…”

Flonne: “Oh, I didn’t realize the Prinny rules were so strict…”

Flonne: “Here, Laharl! You can have this one. I’m not actually all that hungry. I just think these macarons look cute!”

Laharl: “Good. A stack of these is more fitting for an Overlord than one measly portion.”

Prinny: “Can someone at least flip me over, dood?”

Once snack time was done, we went to watch the fountain for a bit, dood! Taking in the local scenery is relaxing…

Flonne: “Isn’t this calming, everyone? Watching the water spin and dance…”

Laharl: “It’s not totally boring, I guess.”

Etna: “I think that’s the best you’re going to get out of him.”

It was nice…even if I couldn’t focus on it, dood. Too many bittersweet memories.

I didn’t even get one tiny nibble…

Watching all that water reminded us of how thirsty we were, dood, so we went and kicked back a cold one! I didn’t need a drink, though, dood. After all, I didn’t just have a tasty, sweet macaron, dood. Didn’t need to wash anything down, dood.


I bet Lord Valvatorez would’ve let me eat it, dood. He’d probably add in sardines too, dood.

Flonne: “Ha! Big mistake! You just activated my trap card!”

Laharl: “That’s not how this works! You’re not even playing, so don’t just make things up!”

Etna: “Maybe you should listen to her, Prince. It might improve your odds of winning.”

Laharl: “Grr… I’ll show you! I place one card facedown and end my turn!”

Etna: “Now you’re just making things up!”

Dood, I’m not sure who started it, but his highness and Master Etna decided to “duel” over who has to repay all the HL we…“borrowed” from the Dark Assembly for this trip. You didn’t hear it from me, dood, but I’m not sure either of them had played this before…


At least Flonne seemed to be having a good time, dood.

Laharl: “Let me out of this! I totally won!”

Etna: “Yeah, right! I saw you cheat!”

Flonne: “Both of you are staying put until you say you’re sorry to each other!”

Laharl: “Wait, why are you even in this with us?!”

Flonne: “It’s chilly! Though, I can’t help but think we’re forgetting something…”

Etna: “Eh, if you forgot it, it couldn’t be that important.”

Prinny: "So cold, dood..."

Card games got a little too heated, dood, so Flonne decided to stick his highness and Master Etna in the…um…“get-along” scarf until they simmered down.


…Though, it’s not really her “get-along” scarf, dood. It’s my Hero scarf, dood…


I didn’t even get a chance to wear it once today, dood.


I guess that’s just (after)life, dood.

Whew, what a day, dood! It was jam-packed, with fun, friendship, and just a teeny smidge of tragedy, dood. 


…Do you think they deliver macarons to the Netherworld, dood? I’d have to figure out how to smuggle them past Master Etna, though… Probably not worth the inevitable doom I’d be inviting, dood.


Anyway, we hope you had as much fun reading through our little excursion as we did having it, dood! If you want to take us on your own adventures, dood, you can nab our plush-y selves over on the NISA Online Store! Lil’ Laharl, Lil’ Etna, Lil’ Flonne, and Mini Plump Prinny (that’s me, dood!) are waiting for you to take them home!


This is your pal Prinny, signing off— thanks for reading, dood!