Hey, dood!

Store Prinny 443: This is Store Prinny 443 with my trusty pal Store Prinny 387, and we’re doing a special collaboration post to help spread the good word about the good ol’ days, dood!

Store Prinny 387: You bet, 443! We’re here to tell you that you no longer have to hide in your inner fashionista, because mullets are back in style, dood!

Store Prinny 443: Hm! Really not where I was going with that, dood! But that does bring us closer to the main topic!

Yup, Y2K!

Psikyo Shooting Stars, dood!

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo

Store Prinny 387: Oh, wow, dood! You’re right! Psikyo arcade games were also hot in the 90’s, dood!

Store Prinny 443: Haha, we were never not talking about Psikyo, dood!
Store Prinny 443: We made a script.
Store Prinny 443: We planned this.

Store Prinny 387: When you think about Psikyo, you think about classic shooting games like STRIKERS 1945 or Samurai Aces, dood!


Store Prinny 443: That’s right, dood! Psikyo was unrivaled in shoot-'em-up games, and had cabinets in arcades all around, dood. We at the NISA Online Store are honored to present two Limited Editions, one for Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and one for Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo!

Store Prinny 387: Haha, it’s a good thing they didn’t name the other one Beta, because that would have been wrong, dood!

Store Prinny 443: An interesting observation, dood! Of course, we all know which Limited Edition is better, dood.

Store Prinny 387: We sure do, dood! It’s BravdsjkllllllAhnjALPHdsfkd;flgkooooooooBRAhhhhhhhhViiiOjbhnsdndfiewfsdezsdfzzzzzzzzzzzzz754687587541546154

Store Prinny 443: It seems we can’t agree on having your awful option, 387.

Store Prinny 387: It’s too bad you have yet to experience a game with superior art direction, 443.

Store Prinny 443: But that’s okay, dood! Today, we shall be discussing the differences between these two collections, and from this, we trust you, the human, to determine which Limited Edition you should preorder, dood!

Store Prinny 387: No we don’t, dood.

Store Prinny 443: It’s true. We don’t, dood.

Let the games begin.

Store Prinny 443: First is a classic, dood.


[Alpha] STRIKERS 1945 (Released in 1995)

Store Prinny 443: Here we have a classic shooter, set in an alternate universe where you, an ace pilot, have to take on the mysterious C.A.N.Y. organization before they take over the world with superweapons, dood. Good versus evil. A time-tested classic, dood.

Store Prinny 443: You get to blow up tons of things: planes, ships, trains, submarines, and giant mechs, dood. Not to mention that kickass 1945 aesthetic. All six planes you can choose from are based off real WWII era planes, even if they shoot not so real lasers, dood. Your power up also lets you send off questionably realistic missiles for powerful strikes, while never overloading your screen with content, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Psh, I’ve blown tons of stuff up before, dood! Mechs aren’t so special.

Store Prinny 443: The only thing I’ve ever seen you blow up is yourself, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Yeah, dood! And I’ve done it a ton of times.

Store Prinny 443: Wow, how concerning, dood! are you okay

Store Prinny 387: To counter your STRIKERS 1945, I have a game with a completely superior gaming experience, dood.

Samurai Ace Episode I

[Bravo] Samurai Aces Episode I (Released in 1993)

Store Prinny 387: This shoot-'em-up is also of the airplane variety, but with one awesome twist—it’s completely decked out in feudal Japan, dood! You take to the skies of the Sengoku period to rescue the Shogun’s daughter, who’s been kidnapped by an evil cult, dood! Shoot monsters, ninja mechs, and feudal Japanese(?) air ships with lasers and steel weapons alike! Plus, you can power up and unleash a crazy fire attack, dood! Your plane can literally burst into flames!

Store Prinny 443: Is that safe? That doesn’t sound safe, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Sure it is! I’ve been on fire a bunch of times, and nothing’s happened to me, dood.

Store Prinny 443: Hm! But what if I told you that in my next shooter, you didn’t even need to be riding anything to win?

Store Prinny 387: I’d call you a liar and a cheater, dood.

Store Prinny 443: Hoho. Then let me serve you some sauce for those words you’re about to eat, dood.

[Alpha] Dragon Blaze (Released in 2000)

Store Prinny 443: In this epic shooter, you ride your dragon through tons of mythical enemies in order to defeat the Demon King. Some of the mechanics this game has to offer are super awesome, dood. Your power ups stack to increase both weapon number and power as your advance through each level. As you defeat enemies, the magic bar at the bottom of the screen increases, which allows your dragon to unleash a powerful attack! You can also dismount from your dragon and each attack with different weapons from different positions on the screen, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Well, sure. That sounds a little fun, dood.

Store Prinny 443: No need to hold out on me, dood. Tell me how you really feel.

Store Prinny 387: You’re right, dood. I’ll be honest with you. You see,
Store Prinny 387: Japan is way cooler than a medieval setting, dood.

Store Prinny 443: B-But all these games are Japanese, dood.

Samurai Aces Episode II

[Bravo] Samurai Aces Episode II: TENGAI (Released in 1996)

Store Prinny 387: Ever had dreams where you had the power to fly and blow up weapons that shot fire and ninja stars at you? Me too, dood! In the Samurai Aces’s first sequel title, you travel above ground, by air, and underwater as you side scroll through the Sengoku period Japan to save the Shogun’s daughter, who seems to get kidnapped a lot, dood. Your power ups give you animal companions or additional weapons to use on your journey too, dood! You can literally bring your sword to a gun fight, but then also bring a gun, too.

Store Prinny 443: No offense, but I’ve brought swords to tons of gun fights, and it’s never worked out well for me, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Maybe you were born into the wrong game. Sounds like a personal problem, dood.

Store Prinny 443: How did this become my fault? This is completely not my fault, dood.


[Alpha] SOL DIVIDE (Released in 1996)

Store Prinny 443: This horizontal shooter offers a more complex way to play, combing traditional RPG elements into a classic shooter campaign, dood. The premise is simple enough: You take on the role of one of three heroes trying to defeat the evil emperor Ifter from taking over the world. You'll also have your standard bullet attack. But in addition, you'll also have a health bar (in place of lives), a main weapon for close quarters, and a magic gauge that you can fill to cast spells you collect throughout the game, dood. Enemies in the game are tougher, much like you are, so you’ll need to find a good balance between melee, spells, and long-distance attacks in order to survive, dood.

Store Prinny 443: So as you can see, it’s really this Netherworld’s fault for devising a system in which we are oppressed by the very nature of our wares and bodies, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Dood…

Store Prinny 443: It’s okay, dood. You don’t have to think about it.

Store Prinny 387: Dood…

Store Prinny 443: Just talk about GUNBIRD. It’ll make you feel better, dood.

Store Prinny 387: O-Okay, dood…


[Bravo] GUNBIRD (Released in 1994)

Store Prinny 387: This campy, zany shooter brings together a witch girl, a robot, an adventurer with a jetpack, a martial artist, and a monkey warrior, all in search of a magic mirror, dood! They face hordes of enemies who almost seem like they know what they’re doing, but don’t worry—you’re well equipped to deal with them, dood. Your attacks will start small, but as you collect power ups and bombs, you’ll be fulling the screen with explosive and widespread attacks—some even homing—that’ll mow down anything in your path, dood. If you don’t get blown up first, that is!

Store Prinny 443: We know the threat of explosions well, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Too true, dood. But you’ll definitely have a blast playing this game! Ha! Get it, dood!?







[Alpha] STRIKERS 1945 II (Released in 1995)

Store Prinny 443: Here STRIKERS returns for more historically accurate combat, such as giant robots and rainbow lasers. But STRIKERS 1945 II brings a couple of impressive upgrades to the table:

  1. Leveling system. Throughout a mission, you have a bar that charges from levels 1 to 3. By charging it continuously throughout the game, you'll be able to unleash a powerful attack, dood.
  2. The graphics are a lot cleaner. The swirling explosions are especially lovely, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Oh man, they really tightened up those graphics on level 3, huh, dood?

Store Prinny 443: I feel like you’re making fun of me, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Oh, I don’t have to make fun of you, dood. My next game’s just a naturally better sequel than yours.


[Bravo] GUNBIRD2 (Released in 1998)

Store Prinny 387: You know how the first game is wacky? Well be prepared for an even wackier experience, dood! With a new cast of characters and new projectiles to boot, you’ll find yourself blasting away more evil forces than ever before! Plus, you get to enjoy brand-new ending scenarios, dood.

Store Prinny 443: What’s so special about brand-new ending scenarios?

Store Prinny 387: They get weirder, dood. It’s totally awesome.

Store Prinny 443: Hm. I’m starting to get an understanding of why we’re drawn to specific collections, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Yeah, dood. One collection is clearly designed for the genius elite, and the other is Alpha.

Store Prinny 443: Oh, you poor, uncultured Prinny. Let me show you the pinnacle of genius elite gaming, dood.


[Alpha] STRIKERS 1945 III (STRIKERS 1999) (Released in 1999)

Store Prinny 443: In the most refined entry of the STRIKERS 1945 series, we see the evolution of both the setting and the game itself, dood. Because the setting has been fast forwarded to a modern setting, you get to select from a variety of modern planes, too. The graphics have also seen an impressive jump in quality yet again—those movements are smooth like a Prinny’s cranium, dood. Plus, if you thought the bosses in STRIKERS 1945 II were out to get you, just wait ‘til you start playing through this game.

Store Prinny 387: Heh, you think you’re hot stuff with trilogies. Well, I also have trilogies, dood.

Store Prinny 443: It’s not a competition, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Huh? Wasn’t this literally a competition, dood?

Store Prinny 443: Nah, I consider you more of a warmup, dood.

Store Prinny 387: What!? Well you’re a dumb jerk, dood!

 Samurai Aces Episode III

[Bravo] Samurai Aces Epsiode III: SENGOKU CANNON (Released in 2005)

Store Prinny 387: Like flyin’ high with samurai? The third installment of this shoot 'em up takes the adventure to a new dimension: the 3rd dimension, to be precise, dood! Dynamic 3D backgrounds, upgraded visual effects, and crazy walls of enemies cap this trilogy off with a bang, dood!

Store Prinny 443: 3D backgrounds do sound pretty cool, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Right!? Only the coolest of cool, dood.

Store Prinny 443: That’s why I’m about to introduce a 3D shoot-'em-up, dood.

Store Prinny 387: What!? But I thought you were enamored with technologically upgraded Sengoku aesthetic, dood…

Store Prinny 443: I’m surprised you don’t have a girlfriend, dood. You set yourself up so well.

 Zero Gunner 2

[Alpha] ZERO GUNNER 2 (Released in 2001)

Store Prinny 443: This game has fully 3D graphics and the gameplay to help reinforce that depth, dood. Your helicopter of choice can turn and attack at a full 360 degrees to shoot down foes from all directions, but this means you’ll also be under attack from all directions as well. In order to free the world from the evil conglomerate Igem, you’ll have to face off against jets, trains, submarines, spider assault mechs, and even a destructive ONI machine, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Dang, that 360 spin looks pretty rad, dood.

Store Prinny 443: I’m glad you finally see it my way, dood.

Store Prinny 387: That’s why I’m about to introduce something completely different.

Store Prinny 443: You can’t steal that joke, dood! I already used it!


[Bravo] GUNBARICH (Released in 2001)

Store Prinny 387: Break blocks and bust baddies in GUNBARICH, dood! Your objective is simple: Destroy every block on the stage without letting the ball fall. But there's one problem: You only have 60 seconds, dood! You’ll have different power ups and creatures you’ll encounter throughout the game, so you’ll need quick wits and the hands of a shooter to break those blocks, dood!

Store Prinny 443: Well, it’s definitely cuter than any of my games, dood.

Store Prinny 387: You really think so, dood!? Because I think so too, dood! Your games are too cool to be cute.

Store Prinny 443: I wasn't complimenting you, dood!

Store Prinny 387: What!? You weren't!?

Store Prinny 443: No, dood!




Store Prinny 443: But if I have to...
Store Prinny 443: The GUNBIRD series does look a little fun, dood. Maybe even funny.

Store Prinny 387: W-Well so does Dragon Blaze, dood! That way you can dismount your dragon is awesome!

Store Prinny 443: Well, fine!
Store Prinny 443: Samurai Aces looks pretty cool too, dood.

Store Prinny 387: Well, SOL DIVIDE looks pretty epic too, dood!

Store Prinny 443: I can’t keep trash talking your games if you’re gonna be this aggressively nice to me, dood!

Store Prinny 387: And how do you think I feel, dood!? Huh!?

Final result:

Buy Both Limited Editions, Dood


Store Prinny 443: We failed at the one thing we set out to do, dood.

Store Prinny 387: I feel like I’m being very true to myself, dood.

Store Prinny 443: True that, dood.

See you nara, dood!