Howdy, dood!

Store Prinny 579 couldn’t make it today - something about messing up with two shipments’ worth of sardines - so this is Store Prinny 621 reporting in, dood! Glad to be here too, as I got some cool updates to the Disgaea 4 Complete+ HL-Raising Edition!

Disgaea 4 Complete+: HL-Raising Edition - Now including a coaster!

Last time, Store Prinny 579 talked about the hardcover art book, bookmark, and double-sided poster here! Now we can also talk about the reverse cover art, dood!

Fans voted for it, and this is what came out on top!

I think I would have voted for Tyrant Valvatorez too, dood! I’m glad he’s not so intense after learning about sardines...

There’s also been an update to the soundtrack, dood! With the Unforgotten Melodies Remastered soundtrack, we are able to confirm that there will be a total of 12 tracks, which are:

  1. Last Engagement
  2. Candlelight
  3. Arcadian Vampire
  4. Sparkling
  5. Sepia-Colored Dream
  6. Pandora Ignition
  7. Piano Sonata Number D4
  8. Beast King's Claw Marks
  9. Golden Memories
  10. Crimson Cross
  11. Hold You Back
  12. Canary Sailing

These were all completely remastered by the original composer, Mr. Tenpei Sato, dood! He even left us a really nice message!

And there’s even more, dood!! The HL-Raising Edition will also come with a Pringer X coaster, exclusive to this edition - but I’m not sure I’d put my glass on that face, dood…

I wish I could look as cool as Pringer X does… Maybe I’ll be him for Halloween!

Until next time, check out some of the other wicked Disgaea 4 Complete+ items here! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to join the Hades Has Skill contest! I think I got what it takes to make it to Round 4, dood!!!