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You probably heard the news today about Disgaea 4 Complete+ launching on October 29th…. That’s like, only four months away, dood! It barely gives us enough time to go over all the details in the HL-Raising Edition of Disgaea 4 Complete+… and all of the other fun things you can do!

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Thanks for coming, dood! I hope you enjoyed our in-depth look at Disgaea 4 Complete+ HL-Raising Edition!

This is Store Prinny 579, dood! Oh man, Store Prinny 418 has been reassigned to a much more precarious assignment, dood. So I guess I should help everyone with a closer look at Disgaea 4 Complete+ HL-Raising Edition!

Disgaea 4 Complete+: HL-Raising Edition

All copies of Disgaea 4 Complete+ HL-Raising Edition come with A Promise of Sardines, dood! Sardines are… really… great, dood! You can even get a shiny motivational one for yourself to… save your place in a book. I do it all the time, dood!

Disgaea 4 Complete+: HL-Raising Edition - Double Sided Poster

You also get a double-sided Cam-pain poster, dood! Keep yourself motivated with Prinny Instructor Valvatorez himself, dood!

The HL-Raising Edition comes with a 12 track soundtrack hand-picked by composer Tenpei Sato himself! It also comes with “The Deluxe Guide Book for the Forsaken”, which is a hardcover art book stuffed with more than 80 pages of art, sketches, and director’s notes, dood!

Two Very Hot Doods

Some of this art is being made available for the first time outside of Japan. Just take a look at this artwork of a shirtless Fenrich and a non-shirtless Valvatorez, dood!

The HL-Raising Edition comes inside a sturdy collectible box, dood, where Disgaea 4 Complete+ is safe from harm! It is like a cozy jail cell in Hades, protected from the rest of the Netherworld, dood.

Oh, and before I forget—there is a reverse cover sheet contest now, dood! Enter the contest here and vote for your favorite!

There’s also a lotta new things on the NISA Online Store, dood–even a giant Sardine pillow! Check all of it out here, dood!

Oh, stitch! I gotta go, dood! I left some sardines in the oven too long…or not long enough. Either way, I’m in big trouble, dood! Uhhh, until next time, this is Store Prinny 579!

Update 8/1/2019: We apologize for claiming over 20 tracks from Disgaea 4's previous soundtrack - this is updated to reflect the current information of 12 remastered tracks from Disgaea 4 Complete+.