Hey, dood! It's Prinny #247, reporting for duty! Master Etna said I should make myself useful, so I'm here today to share the latest and greatest NISA Online Store updates! Let's see...


...oh boy, that's a big list.


Let's get started, dood!

Disgaea 6 Complete is finally here, dood! Classic characters from across Disgaea history join the fight against the God of Destruction alongside Zed and his pals—including a few of us Prinnies! If you want to try before you buy, there's a demo available on the PlayStationStore just waiting for someone to download it!

If you like what you play, check out the awesome NISA Online Store Limited Edition, dood! It's packed full of goodies that'll make you the envy of your friends, enemies, and frenemies! Which reminds me, I gotta find a place on my wall for the cloth poster, somewhere between my motivational poster and the Prinny Rules…

But wait—there’s more, dood! 

If you want even more Disgaea in your life and don't mind spending a little HL (you guys use those too, right?), check out the awesome merch that we have available on the Online Store!

We’ve also got some epic contests that you won’t want to miss, dood! The "Defy All Expectations" sweepstakes is going on now, and it's got a demonically good prize pack up for grabs! The only thing that would make it better is if it came with a lifetime supply of sardines, dood!

That reminds me, we just wrapped up a custom PS5 controller contest! One lucky dood just got their hands on this one-of-a-kind controller!

If you missed out on this sweet prize, don't worry—the contests just keep on comin', dood! We have another awesome controller that's looking for a place to call home in the “That’s A Lot of DAMAGE, Dood!” contest. Enter before 7/12/22 for a chance to win! 

Say, dood, do you think they’d let Prinnies into the Prism Rangers? Asking for a friend.

That's a lot of Disgaea to go around, dood! There's no better time to jump into the Netherworld, so be sure to join in the fun!


That's all for today—I think I hear Master Etna calling for me! See you next time, dood!