Hey, dood! It's your pal Prinny here with a NISA Online Store update!


We’re updating our deliveries to have some more style, dood!

It's me, dood, and lookin’ pretty good if I do say so myself! We've got brand-new shipping tape for all NISA Online Store orders, starring little old me, dood! But there's more to this tape than meets the eye. Y'see that URL smack-dab in the middle, dood? I wonder what happens when I punch it into my web browser… One second, dood; fins make typing tricky.

That's right, dood! This tape contains a link to a special page: the Prinny Delivery Survey, dood! 


The NISA Online Store is looking for your thoughts, comments, and feedback on our efforts, dood! There are not too many questions, but we would like to hear back from you about your experience with our store from start to finish, dood! This helps you let us know exactly what you’re looking for when you visit the NISA Online Store!


Oh! Also if you finish the survey you get a thank you at the end of the survey! We appreciate your time, dood!


I'll even include a handy link right here, dood, so you can jump into the survey right from this blog!




Be sure to share your thoughts with us, dood; after all, the future of the NISA Online Store may be shaped by your comments! I've got a few comments of my own to make, dood. #1: Not enough sardines. #2: Not enough sardines. #3... Well, you get the picture, dood.


We look forward to seeing your comments, dood!