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Many a Mishy

Ever wanted to drown in something that probably couldn't kill you? Store Prinny 340 here, ready to bring you the latest in Thors Academy Edition news and Mishy plush avalanches, dood!

More Mishy

Did you know that Mishys travel in herds? They don’t, but they have been known to travel in suffocating plastic wrap, dood. (You can save one lucky Mishy from this fate by following us on Twitter and retweeting this Twitter post by 7/31 6PM PT, dood.)

Anime Expo is behind us now, but we came out of the holiday weekend with some top notch announcements, including Langrisser I & II for Nintendo Switch™ and PS4™, and Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars - Star God's Blessing Edition for PS4, dood! Langrisser I & II has two metal art prints and a beautiful wall scroll available for preorder, while the Star God's Blessing Edition includes a large beach towel, dood! And what better way to enjoy the beach than tracking sand all over your waifus?

The biggest attraction from Anime Expo weekend, though, was definitely the Trails of Cold Steel III demo station. The inside was modeled after Einhel Keep, the Thors Branch Campus training facility, dood! (My flipper slipped while taking the photo... Don't judge me, dood!)

AX 2019 Demo Stations

The demo even took place inside Einhel Keep, dood! We took Einhel Keep and put it inside Einhel Keep, so you could enjoy your Einhel Keep inside Einhel Keep, dood! We Prinnies do some things write sometimes.

Prinny Cushion+

Speaking of which, our demo station isn’t the only Einhel Keep that came with us to Anime Expo, dood!

Collector's Box

We’ve got the Einhel Keep here, too! The Collector’s Box in the flesh, dood. Luckily for you, it’s actually made of cardboard, not flesh. Similarly, we would like to tell you the Mishy Fleece Throw is not made out of Mishy, but we’re still consulting with our attorneys, dood.

...Einhel Keep!

Collector's Box Close Up

This is the NISA Online Store exclusive Collector’s Box, vectored by hand by our expert Design Prinnies! We had a couple of white prototypes sent into the office to confirm the final box design and material, similar to our production process for the Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Limited Edition releases for PS4 and Steam dood.

For this Collector’s Box, our Design Prinnies decided to implement a dark color scheme with fierce orange finishes to more closely match the logo, which possesses a certain intensity due to its use of flames and metal texturing. The Einhel Keep featured in the game, however, has a lighter grey palette with touches of light green on the doors, dood.

Einhel Keep Screenshot

In the world of Trails of Cold Steel III, Einhel Keep is one of the first places the new Class VII encounters, where they are put through difficult trials from the get-go in classic Trails of Cold Steel style, dood. Will our heroes be able to overcome the challenges that await them at Einhel Keep? Probably. It’d be a pretty short game if they couldn’t, dood.

Fortunately, you won’t be attacked by monsters and robots upon opening the box, dood. I hear that’s something they don’t do to humans, dood. Hm. Must be nice.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Thors Academy Edition

There’s still tons of ground to cover for the release of the Thors Academy Edition, dood. Until the next time we meet, I leave you with this, a preview of what to expect from the next blog, should I survive the night to write it, dood.

Art Book - Altina Character Profile

Adios, dood.