Hey, dood!

Hope you've been having a good E3! This is Store Prinny 263, and on behalf of all us Store Prinnies, we're excited to present to you the NISA Online Store's first in a series of updates about The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III!

We've been dying to talk to you about this title (literally, stealing this computer cost thousands of lives) and we're all working hard to make sure that the Thors Academy Edition is one of our best yet! Today, I'd like to talk about some of the behind-the-scenes work on how we've been putting this special Limited Edition together--particularly the initial stages of Limited Edition conception--along with some background behind one of the components. Let's get started, dood!


This is a wall.

It's one of two walls where all of our LE ideas are born. The designated Design Prinny, along with several other Prinnies (Producer Prinnies, Localization Prinnies, Store Prinnies, Interpretive Dance Prinnies, Executive Prinnies) all gather and write directly on the wall with dry erase markers like our mothers told us never to do. It was here that we discussed what kind of items would be in the Thors Academy Edition.

For the Thors Academy Edition meeting, we knew we had to come up with something truly powerful: something that both provided an immersive experience and gave collectors something they could treasure in a very literal way. We went back and forth on a few items, though the top competitors were ultimately the ones you've seen on our glamshot below:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Thors Academy Edition

Other ideas included stuff like the rubber keychains of the cast, which made it into merchandise, dood!

Needless to say, some of the ideas that go onto the walls of our meeting rooms need to be cleaned before we can entertain guests in them, especially if drawings are involved (I'm looking at you, Noppai Mouse Pad). But once we're done, we always erase the evidence before building management finds out, dood. (Luckily, they never asked us about the Terry Bogard cut out we had in the office for SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy. And we never explained.)

Of course, the conversation doesn't end when the wall is cleaned--a lot of blood, sweat, and more blood goes into the creation of these Limited Edition components. Since we were able to unveil new information about the Thors Academy Edition, we'd like to take the rest of our time today to talk about one component we're pretty excited to get on our walls: the six postcards!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Thors Academy Edition Postcards

All six of these cards depict scenery from locations that can be found in the game. The lore of Trails of Cold Steel III is incredibly rich, and each picture is truly worth a thousand words. I'm a Prinny, though, so we're only gonna cover about fifty of them.

Let's do a little sightseeing, dood!

Heimdallr Postcard

1. Heimdallr

The famous Vermillion Capital, Heimdallr! Featured in the previous two installments of Trails of Cold Steel, this bustling city will once again become a stage for our heroes in Trails of Cold Steel III.

This city is most notable for its role as the capital of the Erebonian Empire. Home to Valflame Palace and the heart of the country's vast railway network, it is firmly positioned as a cultural and technological hub. The cityscape's famous vermillion coloring comes from the numerous brick buildings that line its streets. Rean Schwarzer's journey has taken him to Heimdallr previously, some visits a little more peaceful than others. Great for tourism, but keep a weapon or six equipped at all times, dood.

His younger sister, Elise, attends Saint Astraia Girls' School in the capital, where she has recently risen to the position of Student Council president.

Leeves Postcard

2. Leeves

This town's first time in the spotlight, Leeves will be a premiere stage for faces both new and old in Trails of Cold Steel III.

This small suburban town, once owned by a minor noble family, is now the property of the Imperial family. Though Leeves wasn't significantly impacted by the civil war that concluded in Trails of Cold Steel II, the town is undergoing changes in the aftermath, now home to Thors' branch campus, a satellite to the military academy's main campus in Trista. It is here that Rean will meet his new students from the new Class VII, amidst a changing political climate, both locally and nationally.

...But check out that fountain, dood!

Ordis Postcard

3. Ordis

This lovely seaside community makes its series debut in this game!

Ordis sees many exports, and is a popular destination for one of Erebonia's biggest holidays: the Summer Festival! As Erebonia's biggest port city, tons of people visit Ordis every day, both for business and some good old beachtime fun. I wish this was my game, dood! With the ocean that close, I bet they could pull up a bunch of sardines! Then maybe I'd get to eat meals more than three times a month, dood.

Parm Postcard

4. Parm

Parm, The Spinning Town, first mentioned in Trails of Cold Steel I, returns for a proper introduction!

Situated deep in the south, this town is famous for its production of wool, and has been in the business hundreds of years! Some of the old Class VII has actually been down here before, but now we get to see the town with our very own eyes! Naturally, the new Class VII will be visiting this lovely location during their studies. Wool production! Wow, dood! I wonder if they could make me a scarf...

Crossbell Postcard

5. Crossbell

Newly annexed as a province of the Erebonian Empire, Crossbell returns to the spotlight once more.

Though Crossbell has been explored in previous Trails games, Trails of Cold Steel III sees the continuation of Crossbell's story, starting where Trails of Cold Steel II left off. Crossbell City, pictured above, is a center of trade and commerce for western Zemuria, thanks to its position directly between the two superpowers in the region. Unfortunately, this same position means it's often right in the line of fire when battles break out. Juna, a native of Crossbell City, was enrolled in the police academy until Crossbell was annexed.

...I-I'm not seeing any fountains to distract me here, dood...

Raquel Postcard

6. Raquel

Raquel, the Entertainment City, makes its series debut in this game!

If Crossbell City is made of sin, then Raquel is where the party's at. This town is filled with casinos, theatres, bars, clubs--all the nightlife you could possibly want. But they say a city that shines this bright also casts some dark shadows...


That'll about do it for the postcards--we could say more about them, but we don't want to spoil the game itself! Next time, we'll go over more behind-the-scenes discussion for the Thors Academy Edition.

Until then, dood!