Hey, dood!

This is Store Prinny 74, bringing you the latest information on the making of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Thors Academy Edition! We hope you enjoy it, dood! Seriously! We are literally risking our lives to bring this to you!

Summer is officially here, which means Anime Expo is right around the corner. It's awfully sweaty in our Prinny costumes, but as they say, ain't no rest for the wicked. Or in our case, ain't no sardines without intensive labor, dood. The good news is that you're a human, and can preorder your very own sardine either here or at our Anime Expo booth. It seems you can also preorder Store Prinny 1051's face as a cushion, which is available here! Don't worry--we won't judge you if you sit on it, dood. He will, but the rest of us won't.

Prinny Cushion

We've got a ton of awesome happenings lined up for Anime Expo attendees over at our booth and panels, and all the Trails of Cold Steel III you can possibly handle! I can't say specifically what we have going on just yet (they'll find me if I do), but we've got multiple panels, demo stations, a really incredible human (I hear he's a president), and a giant Mishy, dood! In fact, he just flew in a couple days ago.

Say hi, everybody!

Giant Mishy

Not too loud, though. He's a little tired from five consecutive days of oxygen deprevation, dood.

Giant Mishy

He'll just be taking a quick nap.

Giant Mishy

It's our first time hosting the Big Mish in our office, and we're really excited to have him, dood! Once he's done resting, we'll be chauffeuring his body in shrink wrap to Anime Expo, where all you Mishy fans can stare longingly at him from a safe distance, dood. For those of you attending, find Big Mish and the rest of the gang at the booth marked below:

AX Booth 3306

But the giant Mishy won't be the only Mishy you can meet at Anime Expo! From the Thors Academy Edition LE, say hi to the Mishy plush (Mark I), dood!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Mishy Plush

These were his prototype colors! He's since had a mani-pedi, and also, uh, dyed his mouth...? The final version is pictured below, dood!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Thors Academy Edition

We'll be taking this Mishy plush with us to Anime Expo, along with some sample pieces we have of the Thors Academy Edition to Anime Expo for display, dood.

The Mishy plush has been hanging around our office 24/7 for the past couple of months (he's been eating more than his share of sardines, too, dood). When he's not busy eating our food or staring into the wall, he's taken up the title of Official Office Protection Specialist, or OOPS, for short. Here's a definitely candid photo of Mishy (Mark II) working around the office!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Mishy Plush

(Don't worry, he hardly feels the 2019 Anime Expo stamp rally prize piercing his chest, dood.)

Mishy has come a long way since his original debut earlier in the Trails series, and is now recognized as Falcom's mascot, appearing in other series, such as Tokyo Xanadu and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA. However, he is most famous for his role in the Trails series, where he makes a return as the beloved mascot. Can you find him in Trails of Cold Steel III, dood?

Now, we Store Prinnies have something we need to share with you, dood. Believe it or not, this Mishy is only one of countless Mishies who have been identified as homeless in the past several months. We Prinnies at NIS America have done what we can to provide shelter and a place of safety for struggling Mishies, but we know the roughly 7" by 7" Thors Academy Edition isn't a permanent housing solution. So we have a favor to ask of you.

Would you give Mishy his forever home, dood?


Look into his eyes, dood.

Mishy Closer

He's counting on you, dood.

Mishy Very Close

Store Prinny 74 out.