Common Questions for Trails into Reverie Preorder Shipments

Common Questions for Trails into Reverie Preorder Shipments

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(Last updated 7/11/2023)

The launch of The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie has been met with much anticipation and excitement, and we are very grateful for your support of this title! Along with the release, we wanted to help address some common questions and concerns we have been receiving regarding customer preorders

As an overall update, please note that preorders that have been confirmed by 7/10 have been picked up from our warehouse and are in transit. However, there is a known issue where tracking updates are not being updated from the postal delivery service so please be aware that the accuracy of your tracking may be affected by this.

Additionally, we would like to address some of the most common questions we are receiving. Please take a moment to review the following Q&A as it should provide helpful information. We hope that this post can assist in answering any pending questions you might have, and we ask for your continued patience while we work through this launch.

What if I placed my preorder as a guest account?
If your preorder was placed with a guest account, don’t worry; we have your order in our system! You will still receive a preorder confirmation request via the email that you placed the order with. All confirmation emails will be sent by 7/12 so please be sure to check your inbox and spam folders. Once received, follow the link to reconfirm your order into the new system so that it can be fulfilled.
Please note that at this time, we have sent out preorder confirmation messages exclusively for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie games and Merchandise, plus our Anniversary merchandise. All other preorder confirmations will be sent later this month. We will update about this on our store banner and in our blog for “New Store Changes and Updates”.

Why isn't my tracking being updated?
Typically, when a package is picked up from the warehouse there is approximately 24-48 hours between when the order is physically taken from the warehouse and scanned into the postal system.

However, when a postal service receives a large volume of orders they may unfortunately not scan every package. This is an uncommon occurrence; however, it has happened on a smaller scale with previous releases. Please rest assured that these orders are still in transit to you. Most orders in the US will take about 3 business days to arrive at their destination. However with the recent July 4th holiday this past week, some orders may require additional time for delivery or tracking scan updates.

Please contact your local postal carrier if you are looking for further updates on your tracking.

Why haven’t I received a tracking number yet?
A portion of customers (about 25%) that confirmed their orders on our new site by 7/6 had their orders shipped, but their tracking was not updated to the email system. This issue was brought to our attention on 7/6 and we are working with our warehouse to rectify it.
We are able to spot check individual orders however, and can see that many have been marked as delivered, so please rest assured that your order is on its way. You may receive your order before the tracking number gets to you.

What if I get a tracking number after my item has arrived?
This is because of the issue mentioned above. We moved to a new system recently and there are a few small and unanticipated kinks we are working out in our automated processes. If you receive your order before your tracking number is received, it’s because there was an issue in our system getting the data properly emailed out.
Please note that if you receive your tracking number after your order arrives it is due to this error and you should not receive a second unit.

Why haven't I received an order confirmation for Trails into Reverie despite placing my preorder months ago?
If you have not received your preorder confirmation yet please check your spam folder to ensure it was not filtered there. If you are unable to locate your order in either folder, please feel free to contact our customer support at "".
We also will be sending out a second wave of order confirmation emails for any orders in our system marked as outstanding/unconfirmed for Trails into Reverie. Please know that no preorder cancellations for Trails into Reverie have been initiated on our side.

I have an old order number from the previous store system, but I also received a new order number after the store migration. Which should I provide to customer support when I reach out?
Both options are OK!
We have the old order data tied to your new order in the new system. However, going forward you will only have the one order number from our new store so we hope that this becomes easier for all customers as we move on.

What if I have questions about other preorders, or previous orders?
You are welcome to contact customer support for your inquiry, but we ask for your patience as our team works on getting back to you. We understand that the new store system may raise questions,so we hope that this blog will help answer some of those unknowns while we work to answer any inquiry you may choose to send.

I’ve emailed customer support multiple times but haven’t received a response. Why is it taking so long?
Due to the store migration and shift to a new system, we have encountered many questions. We have a very large influx of inquiries from customers that we are trying to address in a timely manner. However, with the new store shift also comes a new learning curve to make sure that all customers and inquiries are assisted as accurately as possible. Please know that we are doing our best to try and adjust our processes so that we can address more inquiries more efficiently.

What if we’ve received a preorder confirmation for an order that we’ve already received?
There were a small set of preorder confirmations that were sent for titles that were already received. These confirmations may include orders containing the following titles:

  • Trails to Azure
  • Atelier Ryza 3
  • Trails into Reverie

If you reconfirmed your order (which had previously been fulfilled), we will be canceling and refunding any duplicate orders.
If you received one of these confirmations for an order that was previously filled and have not taken any action, please do not worry; that invoice has been deleted and you are under no obligation to complete it.
If you have not received your initial order for any of the three titles listed above, please know that your order is prioritized. Should there be any remaining stock once initial orders have been filled, any remaining inventory will be listed on the Online Store once resolved and communicated to customers via social media and email.

Will people using the Shop app still receive updates regarding their preorder after confirming them in the new system?
Because this is a new app that is supported with the new site system it should properly update tracking on orders in our new site as normal. If you are experiencing issues with tracking details being updated on your app, we suggest you contact the Shop app support line for better assistance.

For additional information on preorder confirmation, please visit our “New Store Changes and Updates” blog. 

Thank you once more for your patience and enthusiasm while we have been working to get your orders for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie and customer account access to you. 

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