Atelier Rorona™: The Alchemist of Arland Standard Edition

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The Atelier Series finally makes its debut on the PS3! Guide Rorona through her struggle to keep her alchemy workshop open. Make new friends, earn the trust of the townspeople, and uncover the mysteries of alchemy. With over 30 different endings, this beautifully cel-shaded RPG adventure never ends!

Platform: PlayStation 3
Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
Genre: RPG
Fantasy Violence
Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol

Arland, a small kingdom located at the edge of a great land; It used to be an isolated kingdom when ancient relics, called "Machines," were discovered among the nearby ruins.

Inside this kingdom stands a forgotten workshop. This workshop was once very busy, but due to the discovery of machines or perhaps the workshop owner's laziness, customers no longer show up.

One day, a messenger from the castle visits the workshop to deliver an order from the king. According to the order, the workshop would be closed down if the owner could not prove, in three years time, that she was capable of doing her job.

However, even after hearing such news, the workshop owner remained unmotivated. After dumping her responsibilities onto her pupil, she leaves the workshop.

Left at the workshop was a girl, bewildered by the shocking news. The girl's name is Rorolina Frixell, but everyone in town calls her Rorona.

More Information
Release Date Sep 27, 2010
Developer GUST CO., LTD
ESRB Rating T - Teen
Genre RPG
Player(s) 1
Platform PlayStation®3