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Disgaea 1 Complete (PS4™) Flat Edition

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Disgaea 1 Complete (PS4™) Flat Edition contains:
Disgaea 1 Complete (PS4™) Standard Edition
Disgaea 1 Complete "Noppai" Etna Flat Mousepad
Disgaea - Laharl's Squad Acrylic Charm set


Disgaea 1 Complete:
THE OVERLORD IS DEAD. THE NETHERWORLD IS IN TURMOIL. TIME TO KICK SOME ASS! Netherworld Prince Laharl awakens to fight for his throne and it’s up to him and some unlikely allies to defend what is rightfully his. Together with his devious vassal Etna, the angel trainee Flonne, and a whole cavalcade of explosive characters, Laharl will slash, shoot, and punch his way to the top. Build your squad to level 9999 and unleash crazy special skills, team attacks, and spells to deal millions of points of damage in this zany high-definition remake of an RPG classic.


Disgaea 1 Complete "Noppai" Etna Flat Mousepad
One of the most popular parts of the Disgaea 1 Complete Rosen Queen's Finest Edition is available in limited supply


Disgaea - Laharl's Squad Acrylic Charm set:
THE ORIGINAL SQUAD'S BACK TO KICK SOME ASS! Take the chibi, acrylic powers of Disgaea D2's Laharl, Etna, and Flonne anywhere you go! Hang them from your phone, bag, or in the face of your enemies--wherever you need them, they'll be there for you!


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More Information
Developer Nippon Itchi Software
Publisher NIS America, Inc.
ESRB Rating T - Teen
Genre Strategy RPG
Player(s) 1
Platform PlayStation®4