Genshiken Second Generation Complete Premium Edition

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Premium Edition Includes:
• 2 Blu-ray disc set
• Total of 13 episodes
• Runtime: 308 mins
• Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles
(subtitles on Blu-ray discs cannot be turned off)
• Bonus content: Clean Openings, Clean Endings, 16 mins of Bonus Shorts (Genshiken Discussion Topics).
Premium Box with a full-color, 64-page hardcover art book with episode guide, detailed character info, interviews with cast members & production staff, otaku terminology guide, and gorgeous full color illustrations.

Exclusive Bonus Item (while supplies last!)
Genshiken Mebaetame Volume 1 Bonus Book

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Premium Box Dimensions
Width:  5.5 in
Height: 7.75 in
1.6 in

Chika Ogiue begins her third year as the new president of "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture," AKA Genshiken. Remembering how difficult it was to recruit new members last year, she comes up with a plan for gathering interest in the club. During recruitment, the former Genshiken president Kanako Ono dresses up in cosplay while Ogiue shows off her drawing skills with an impressive impromptu illustration. This attracts two new female members: Rika Yoshitake and Mirei Yajima. Maybe it's because birds of a feather flock together, but both turn out to be fujoshis, or "rotten girls," who are obsessed with the Boys' Love genre. Then, a beauty with gorgeous chestnut hair arrives at the clubroom looking to join. But, his true identity is revealed as a wig-wearing cross-dresser...

After welcoming the new students with unique personalities, the story of "Genshiken Second Generation" begins!

** Exclusive Bonus Item (while supplies last!)
Genshiken Mebaetame Volume 1 Bonus Book
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Release Date Feb 2, 2015