Destiny Connect 90's Threads Set (PS4™)

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Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers - Isaac Shirt
Party like it's 1999 in this rockin' Isaac-themed T-shirt! Travel with Isaac proudly displayed in front as he brings you back to simpler times with wilder aesthetics. Keep his poppin' pink heart close to yours as you kick some serious butt!

Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers:
The town of Clocknee is celebrating the advent of a new millennium when time suddenly comes to a halt and a horde of hostile animated machines appears. It is up to a young girl named Sherry, her friend Pegreo, and Isaac, the time-traveling robot, to unravel the mystery behind the strange events. Together, they'll revisit the past and peer into the future, learning some very interesting things about their families and their peculiar town.



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Developer Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher NIS America, Inc.
ESRB Rating E - Everyone 10+
Genre RPG
Player(s) 1
Platform PlayStation®4