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Trails of Cold Steel Series - Plushies of Cold Steel

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The two powerhouse combat shells, Altina's Claiomh Solais and Millium's Airgetlam, have been faithfully recreated as an adorable plush duo, "Lammy & Sammy!" While they may not be so cute while vanquishing foes in battle, their soft, fluffy forms are sure to melt the hearts of any who wield them.

Dimensions: (H) Approx 8-10 in.


THIS POM COMES IN PEACE! Unlike most Poms you'll run into, this one means you no harm, and is far too cute to fight. Cuddle up with this fluffy creature after a long day of field exercises!

Dimensions: (W) 3in x (H) 11.5in x (L) 13in

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