Fallen Legion Revenants
Fallen Legion Revenants

Fallen Legion Revenants

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Standard Edition

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Fallen Legion Revenants game for PS4®

Lucien’s Lost Ledge (Mini Art Booklet) 

Songs for a Fallen World (Digital Soundtrack Download) 

The world is covered in miasma, and the remnants of mankind have taken refuge in a floating castle ruled by a madman.

Swap between the charismatic politician Lucien and the vengeful ghost Rowena, and make political maneuverings in the castle above as you fight off monsters in the wasteland below.

An Exemplary Collection

2-in-1 value coming to Xbox (for the first time!).

A Return to Glory

Fast-paced, real time action with a choice-based story and over 20 different endings and new epilogue content.

Revenants Reloaded

Tons of new content including a new GRID system that encourages strategy in gameplay and combat, new voice actors, new characters, and new boss battles!

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