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The Guided Fate Paradox Standard Edition

The Guided Fate Paradox is an extremely approachable roguelike RPG with a memorable cast of characters and story, tons of customization, and seemingly infinite replayability. Players take on the role of high school student Renya Kagurazaka who has become a god by winning a lottery in a mall! Renya must travel through the Copy World in order to affect changes in the Original World and make peoples wishes come true. But is there some other force at work?


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The Guided Fate Paradox

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Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
Release Date:
November 05, 2013

Product Reviews

A solid roguelike, though not for everyone
Review by Rednal
The Guided Fate Paradox is a roguelike - a genre characterized by brutal difficulty and a tendency to force characters to lose their powerups when they die. The Guided Fate Paradox (like its predecessor Z.H.P.) plays on this by turning it into a mechanic - the more you die, the stronger you become, so every run through the game gives you at least some advancement forward. Chances are you'll die over and over again, and yes, the game can be brutally unfair.

That said, I deeply enjoyed this game. The characters are fun, the gameplay is mostly bug-free, and it's a great game to casually play while in the midst of watching or reading something else. If you like roguelikes - or just want a decent challenge - then try watching some gameplay footage of this game. I'm the first to admit that it's not for everyone, but if you're reading this review in the first place, then there's a good chance you'll enjoy the game. (Posted on 12/16/2014)

Pros Price, Quality, Value

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