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Coming Spring 2022
Available for Nintendo Switch™

With tears shed, you shall revive the dead.

Battle through Purgatory and save your sister! Use the power of your tears to defeat and purge corrupted legions of Specters and Revenants, and purify their Torments before they overwhelm you with grief. The Limited Edition is available today:

CRYSTAR Limited Edition

Out Tomorrow
The Caligula Effect 2

Out October 19, 2021
Available for PS4™ & Nintendo Switch™

Escape your regret, Redo to forget

The virtuadoll Regret created Redo, a simulation in which people are trapped in a false reality. To escape from Redo, a group of "awakened" high school students form the Go-Home Club and challenge her reign.

We are currently out of stock for the Limited Edition, but make sure to check back shortly after launch as we occasionally have limited stock become available.

The Caligula Effect 2 Limited Edition

Release Date

Available for PS4™, PS5™, & Nintendo Switch™

Follow your Ego, control the madness.

A new IP from FURYU makes an appearance! MONARK sets the player in an eerie setting as a madness-inducing Mist has engulfed your academy. You must harness the latent power of your Ego to drive back the dark forces without succumbing to your madness. 

With less than 50% left, make sure to preorder the NISA Online Store Limited Edition today:

MONARK Limited Edition

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