R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos
R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos
R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos
R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos

R-Type Tactics I • II Cosmos

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R-Type® Tactics I • II Cosmos Deluxe Edition for Nintendo Switch™

2-Disc Soundtrack

Conceptual Art Card Set (Set of 6)

R-9A Arrowhead Acrylic Stand

B-1D Bydo System Alpha Acrylic Stand

Collector's Box

The fate of two races depends on you.

Outsmart and outgun your opponent in R-Type® Tactics I • II Cosmos, the ultimate turn-based sci-fi strategy collection! This two-game combination of the classic R-Type Tactics titles arrives on modern consoles for the first time, equipped with an armada of unique units to deploy across dozens of levels. Multiple campaigns allow you to take on the Bydo Empire or even play as them yourself, while competitive online play lets you square off against others.

New Frontiers

R-Type Tactics joins the debut of R-Type Tactics II in the West, as they make their way from the PSP to modern consoles for the first time!

Whose Side Are You On?

Multiple campaigns for each faction, as well as branching storylines in R-Type Tactics II, allow for a unique gameplay experience across both titles while fleshing out the world of R-Type and the origins of the sinister Bydo Empire.

Destroy the Competition

Face off against other players online in both R-Type Tactics and R-Type Tactics II!

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